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Dentist Dr. Kate Bazydlo  has been offering implants as a tooth replacement option for more than 15 years. She is an alumna of the Academy of Medicine in Warsaw, Poland; completing her degree in dentistry in 1995.   She spent the following few years taking post graduate courses at the University of Western Ontario. She obtained her Canadian dental license in 1999 in accordance with The National Dental Examining Board of Canada. Her passion for dentistry had her practicing for the next six years in a variety of clinical settings providing all aspects of dental care. It was during this time that dental implants both piqued her interest and set her on a path to finding different solutions for her patients with missing teeth.

In 2006, Dr. Kate Bazydlo founded and proudly opened Winston Churchill Dental followed by Heritage House Dental in 2010. Her commitment to providing patients with the best individualised care took her to numerous continuing education courses and lectures on dental implants. As a partner in her patients’ oral health, Dr. Kate Bazydlo confidently recommends implants as alternatives to dentures and conventional bridges. She strives to offer and provide patients with individualised care through education and involvement in their treatment plan.

While she maintains a busy calendar, Dr. Kate Bazydlo also takes time to enjoy life. She loves winter and summer sports such as skiing, hiking, sailing and biking. She also loves spending time with her two daughters who share her passion for the outdoors. One of Dr. Kate Bazydlo’s daughters even pretends to place implants in her doll’s mouth, perhaps following in mom’s footsteps.

Dental Surgery

Courses and Certificates

Nobel Biocare Certificate
ICOI Certificate
Misch International Implant Institute
Foundation for Oral Implantology Certificate
Straumann Group Certificate
Laser Dentistry Certificate
medical emergencies in the dental office certificate