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The Misch International Implant Institute Canada

Recognized as the standard of advanced dental implant education, The Misch International Implant Institute has been serving Canada and the United States for over 20 successful years. The Misch Implant Institute teaches the skills and techniques required to advance to a new level of dental patient care and overall dental implant placement success.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo is proud to be associated with the Misch Implant Institute and its teachings. Dr. Bazydlo actively participated in sessions in Dental Implant Surgery, Dental Implant Placement and Dental Implant Crown Prosthodontics.

With the invaluable knowledge from The Misch International Implant Institute, and direct dental implant advancement, Dr. Bazydlo is able to extend this expertise to her patients and provide the best approach in their individualized dental implant treatment and dental implant maintenance.