Full Mouth Reconstruction When Missing All Teeth

Missing All Teeth

When you are missing all teeth, the impact on quality of life can be devastating.

Often it makes individuals appear and feel older than they are. People missing all teeth often replace them with conventional dentures, which rely on bone and gum support. While dentures may be an acceptable solution, the disadvantages often outweigh the advantages. Consumption and enjoyment of your daily meals and favourite crunchy foods becomes more of a challenge. The solution is full mouth reconstruction with permanent teeth. With an implant supported denture or fixed implant supported bridge this challenge of enjoying your food is greatly diminished. Whether you choose an implant supported denture or a supported bridge you can rest assured that your teeth will feel and function just as your natural teeth did. You will once again enjoy the freedom of a full, secure and comfortable smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Attractive, natural looking teeth help us feel and look our best. We are able to enjoy the foods we love, when we want. They allow us to be ourselves, confident where it really counts; at home, on the job, on the playing field, but most importantly and especially, on the inside. There are many reasons for missing all teeth, but whether you have lost your teeth to accident or disease the decision to replace them is an important one.

Maybe you’ve tried conventional dentures and find that they aren’t right for you. Maybe an implant supported restoration is your first choice. Whatever it may be you’re looking at a very popular and successful method for full mouth reconstruction.

The facial features and construction of an individual with all or most of their teeth missing is very different and visible. Their cheeks often look sunken and their chin is often positioned very closely to their nose due to the bone loss associated with missing teeth. These same individuals may appear older that they really are and may feel so. Permanant teeth with dental implants is an ideal solution.

A Proven and Trusted Method

Dental professionals have used dental implants for over 40 years as a proven and trusted method of full mouth reconstruction. Implants are made of biocompatible materials, namely titanium. As a result they are accepted by your body and allergic reactions are very rare. With proper care and good oral hygiene your implant can actually last a lifetime, giving you permanent teeth in every sense of the word.

You should replace your missing teeth as soon as possible after loss or damage. The condition of your bone in the jaw is crucial. Adequate bone is necessary for implant placement. As time passes, the bone in the jaw begins to resorb or diminish, reducing the “prime retail space” for implants as anchors. In many cases it is possible to build up the boney area to permit optimal implant placement and integration.

Replacement Options for Permanent Teeth

When considering full mouth reconstruction with an implant supported denture or bridge, there are a few options available to you. Each case is as unique as the individual. Current physical and dental health plays a role in the treatment process and decision making procedure. A removable denture may be fabricated and placed in the arch of the missing teeth with 2 anchored implants. For added stability four implants may be placed with a bar. A ceramic fixed option is also available to you using an optimal number of implants housing a fixed bridge. Each option gives you permanent teeth that can last a lifetime.

In ideal cases, a dental professional can place your implant in as little as one session. However, your treatment plan will be dependent on your particular clinical situation. Depending on the treatment procedure, it may take between one and two hours for the implant placement. Afterwards, the implants need time to integrate so they can fuse with the bone. This is why the quality of the bone is so important when placing implants; the better the bone quality, the better the conditions and shorter integration periods. Once the implant has integrated, preparations for the final restoration may commence. The custom made precision bridge is fabricated using biocompatible materials and is attached to the implants using cement or tiny screws.

Your implants are permanent teeth and will be comfortable in feel and look natural. Ensuring proper oral hygiene and keeping up with professional dental checkups will result in your implants lasting for many years, possibly up to an entire lifetime.

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