Dental Implant for One Missing Tooth

One Missing ToothIf you are missing or have lost only one tooth, often the best choice for tooth replacement is a ceramic dental crown on a dental implant.

Dental implants offer a natural looking new tooth to replace your missing tooth. The implant serves as an anchor or foundation for the crown itself. Tooth replacement with an implant does not compromise your healthy adjacent teeth. Once the artificial root has been stabilized in your mouth, the crown is affixed to the implant. It will match the shade and contour of your natural teeth blending in so well that you won’t be able to tell the difference. Implants are the perfect solutions for missing tooth. View our video gallery below to see the difference between doing nothing and choosing a natural looking crown to replace your missing tooth.

Tooth Replacement Solutions

Need solutions for missing tooth? The answer is a natural looking new tooth using dental implants. The loss or damage of even a single tooth can have a considerable impact on everyday life and self esteem. The immediate solution for a missing tooth is tooth replacement with an implant. When a front tooth is lost, one rushes to the dentist to have it replaced. Why do people wait when the missing tooth is not visible when you smile? Is it less important? The answer is NO, yet many lost teeth go many years without tooth replacement.

Replacement with an attractive, natural looking new tooth will help you feel and look your best. You are able to enjoy the foods you love, when you want. They allow you to be yourself, confident where it really counts; at home, on the job, on the playing field, but most importantly and especially, on the inside.

The Trouble with Missing Tooth

You may think that one missing tooth won’t impact your life too much. However, the impact is greater than you think. One missing tooth will create a gap. Ignoring these gaps has a considerable negative effect. When we chew, a healthy tooth strengthens the quality of bone in our jaw; similar to how exercise prevents bone loss. When one tooth is missing, healthy teeth tend to shift towards the open gap due to bone loss. This affects how our upper and lower teeth meet and align. It also affects how pressure is applied on the existing teeth and surrounding muscles and joints. One missing tooth creates additional pressure which may result in pain and various other symptoms such as headaches or migraines. Why live with pain and discomfort? The solutions for missing tooth are natural looking dental implants.

Tooth Replacement Solutions

Dental implants have been used and accepted by dental professionals for over 40 years as a proven and trusted method of single tooth replacement. An implant is a natural looking new tooth that will look and feel just like a real tooth. Implants are made of biocompatible materials, namely titanium. As a result they are accepted by your body and allergic reactions are very rare. With proper care and good oral hygiene your implant can actually last a lifetime. Dental implants are the ideal solutions for missing tooth.

Tooth replacement works best when done shortly after the loss of the tooth. The condition of your bone in the jaw is crucial. Adequate bone is necessary for implant placement. As time passes, the bone in the area of the missing tooth begins to resorb or diminish, reducing the “prime retail space” for the implant as an anchor. In many cases it is possible to build up the boney area to permit optimal implant placement and integration.

Natural Looking New Tooth

Your implant will be a natural looking new tooth in every sense.It will be comfortable and feel just like your other teeth matching in color and contour. Furthermore, your adjacent healthy teeth are spared any dental treatment when you opt for tooth replacement with implants; because unlike conventional bridges, there is no need to grind down those beautiful natural teeth.

In ideal cases, implants can be placed in as little as one session. However, your treatment plan will be dependent on your particular clinical situation. Depending on the treatment procedure, it may take between one and two hours for the implant placement. Afterwards, the implant needs time to integrate so that it can fuse with the bone. This is why the quality of the bone is so important when placing implants; the better the bone quality, the better the conditions and shorter integration periods. Once the implant has integrated, preparations for the final restoration may commence.

The custom made precision crowns are fabricated using biocompatible materials and are attached to the implant using cement or tiny screws. The crown is your new tooth, looking and feeling like your own. Ensuring proper oral hygiene and keeping up with professional dental check ups will result in your implant lasting for many years, possibly up to an entire lifetime.

Offering You Solutions for Missing Tooth

The experts at Dental lmplants Mississauga are happy to explain the tooth replacement options for one missing tooth. We have two convenient offices in Mississauga to serve you; Heritage House Dental or Winston Churchill Dental. Consultations are always free. We are here to help. Solutions for missing tooth are easier than you think. Call us today to find out how a natural looking new tooth can brighten your smile!

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  • Life-long solution
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