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Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare, leaders in the dental implant industry is synonymous with scientific leadership and innovation. With more than of 40 years of original scientific research and innovation in restorative dentistry, Nobel Biocare pioneered today’s modern dental implant.

Starting with P.I. Branemark’s discovery of osseointegration, they produced the first dental implant as well as being the first to industrialize the commercial manufacture of dental implants and prosthetics.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo of  Mississauga has a close working relationship with Nobel Biocare. Their united dedication to providing patients with the best dental implant solutions allows patients to receive the most suitable and individualized approach to dental care.

As a team, Dr. Kate Bazydlo and a Nobel Biocare representative host free dental implant seminars for those interested in dental implants. The care taken to inform and educate the potential patient builds a strong relationship and bond during the treatment process.

Dental implants are continuing to be the treatment of choice for many looking to replace that single missing tooth or looking for an alternative to uncomfortable and loose fitting dentures.