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The Straumann Group

As one of the leaders in implant research and development, the Straumann Group offers surgical, restorative and regenerative solutions for dental treatment. Working closely with the International Team for Implantology (ITI), the Straumann Group also offers comprehensive training and services to dental professionals worldwide.

Dr. Kate Bazydlo takes pride in actively pursuing new avenues and techniques in dentistry to provide her patients with the most advanced and up to date dental treatment options. Whether you are looking for dental implant options to replace one or more missing teeth or want to perfect your smile, she and her team are ready to help.

When considering dental implants, treatment plans are individualized to the patient. Various implant systems are available for the replacement of missing teeth. Dr. Kate Bazydlo will help to determine which dental implant system is right for you.

Predictable techniques for a perfect smile with Periodontal Plastic Surgery, has become a desirable treatment option for those suffering from exposed tooth roots. This often painful and sensitive condition can be remedied with a small surgical procedure. Intensive, hands on training allows Dr. Kate Bazydlo the opportunity to extend advanced dental treatment options to her patients. Contact your dentist for more information and to learn if you are a candidate for Periodontal Plastic Surgery.